Undermining the war on terror: Top American Muslim groups courted by the Bush administration have used their political cover to launch influence operations and extend support to terrorists

by J Michael Waller, Insight, March 18, 2003 Terrorists and their supporters are doing their best to weave themselves into the political fabric of American society, say specialists in homeland security. They are operating front groups and charities to finance their operations, and they are running influence operations to weaken federal antiterrorism laws under the guise … Read more

A resounding voice in traditional Islam: Sheik Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

by J Michael Waller, Insight, October 1-14, 2002. Where were all the Muslim and Arab pressure groups several years ago when the first warnings were raised about Osama bin Laden and terrorist-support networks in the United States? Pretty quiet, by most accounts. One of the few Muslim leaders in this country to warn publicly and … Read more