Trump’s America-first national security strategy embodies 30 years of Center for Security Policy ideas

by J Michael Waller / Center for Security Policy / May 31, 2018 Thirty years of hard work paid off in January when President Donald Trump issued his America First National Security Strategy. In cooperation with others and often alone, Center for Security Policy had promoted most of the elements that President Trump has embraced … Read more

Empowerment and leverage: Key elements of Trump’s National Security Strategy

by J Michael Waller / InFocus / Winter 2018 With global conflicts stretching the United States toward the breaking point, many feared that the world’s only superpower in 2017 was headed over a cliff. Flailing policies in Afghanistan stole hard-fought American military gains and had made the Taliban enemy a player again. Things became even … Read more

The Bush Doctrine: A new national security strategy that abandons moral relativism

by J Michael Waller, Insight magazine, October 15-18, 2002 Here at last is a new White House document that doesn’t mince words: friends and enemies; good and evil; right and wrong. It’s all inThe National Security Strategy of the United States of America — the essence of what is becoming the Bush Doctrine — and it’s turning the … Read more