Possible Cuban regime involvement with US election machines casts doubt on integrity of America’s votes

by J Michael Waller / November 17, 2020 – Reports of Cuban regime funding of tech companies that serviced America’s elections may indicate that foreign intelligence services have manipulated our presidential vote. A possible Chinese connection makes things even worse.

The technologies were created to “manipulate” votes favorable to socialists, according to Sidney Powell, a prominent Washington attorney and member of President Trump’s legal team who has been investigating the problem.

Reports include insider accounts, affidavits, a user manual, news reports, and other information unearthed in a legal investigation into the origin and function of voting technologies by Dominion and Smartmatic in Georgia and other states.

The voting systems were used to keep Cuban-backed regime in power

The technologies are of foreign origin, used under Cuban direction in Venezuela as early as 2004. They were “created to produce altered voting results in Venezuela for Hugo Chavez and then shipped internationally to manipulate votes for purchase in other countries, including this one,” Powell told Fox Business News on Friday.

Those systems were used in the entire state of Georgia and across the United States this year.

“It was funded by money from Venezuela and Cuba, and China has a role in it also,” Powell said. “So if you want to talk about foreign election interference, we certainly have it now.”

Scrappy Cuba hits way above its weight

In the world of political warfare and covert operations, Cuba’s Communist regime punches way above its weight. Its survival depends on it. Built as a surrogate for the Soviet KGB, Cuba’s DGI intelligence service was more effective than its creator in doubling our own agents against us, matched only by the exceptionally capable Stasi of East Germany.

But the Stasi is structurally gone and the KGB has been reorganized with its components re-named, while the DGI remains the nervous system, eyes, ears, and hands of the Cuban regime, at home and abroad. And US counterintelligence capabilities and resources range from inadequate and obsolete to disastrous.

Intelligence and subversion are Cuba’s only significant manufactured exports. Regimes like China, Russia, and Venezuela pay Cuba for the services.

Cuba wages HUMINT for the long term

The scrappy Cuban regime been playing the long game. Many of the young radicals it cultivated in the 1960s and ‘70s have since advanced to positions of influence. 

The Weather Underground’s Bill Ayers opened his living room to mentor an aspiring Chicago politician named Barack Obama. 

The Black Liberation Army’s Angela Davis, feted personally by Fidel Castro before Cuban-American Senator Marco Rubio was even born, has inspired and mentored generations of radicals who burrowed into the system. 

Last June, Davis went on Russia’s RT channel to tell her cadres to hold their noses and back Joe Biden – all while praising cop-killers and singling out Assata Shakur, the nom de guerre of a convicted murderess who has lived for decades in Cuba’s sanctuary.

Cuba had long-term penetration agent in Defense Intelligence Agency

The DGI penetrated the heart of American military intelligence, with Ana Belen Montes – whom CNN called “the most dangerous US spy you’ve never heard of” – burrowed into the Defense Intelligence Agency for more than 15 years. She was arrested almost 20 years ago. Does anyone think she’s the only Cuban spy to infiltrate the US intelligence community?

This isn’t fringe stuff any more. Joe Biden’s seniormost intelligence backer, James Clapper, had sheltered Montes when he ran the DIA. (This is the same Jim Clapper who surreptitiously got passes for Russia’s top GRU military intelligence officers to roam the Pentagon, but accused Donald Trump of colluding with Moscow.) 

Biden considered Venceremos Brigade veteran as running mate

Over the summer, Joe Biden actively considered Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA) as a semifinalist to run with him as vice president. Seasoned Cuba-watchers consider Bass a Cuban regime asset. She has helped the Cuban regime with its DGI-controlled Venceremos Brigade operation to attract, assess, cultivate, and recruit American militants to work for the Cuban revolution. 

The fact that Biden would even consider a trusted Venceremos Brigade veteran to serve as his running suggests that Cuba’s political warfare has advanced deeply into the American system. And it shows the willingness of Biden and his political allies to consider Cuban assets to win an election.

Shared interests

Which brings us back to the Dominion voter machines and related software. Cuba is no cyberpower. But its allies are. For years, Havana has been strengthening its relations with the Chinese Communist Party. Since the 1990s it has provided Beijing with three electronic intelligence bases directed against the United States. 

This doesn’t mean that China had direct involvement in the Dominion and Smartmatic technology, though Dominion has acknowledge Chinese-made components in its machines.

Even so, it’s entirely reasonable to be concerned about Cuba’s relationship with China, and about Powell’s reported discovery of a Cuba-China financial nexus behind a high-tech political warfare machine to manipulate voting around the world. 

“People need to come forward now and get on the right side of this issue and report the fraud they know existed in Dominion voting systems because that’s what it was created to do. It was its sole original purpose; it has been used all over the world to defy the will of people who wanted freedom,” Powell said.

And may have been used in our own country to defy the will of the American people.

Possible direct attack on the American electoral system

Both the Cuban and Chinese Communist parties have a shared interest in defeating Donald Trump, installing a Biden-Harris administration, and tipping the US Senate to fundamentally transform America.

We know that US military and intelligence agencies will not purchase software or computer hardware from untrustworthy sources like China or Cuba because there is no way to be sure that the computer code in them was not been compromised.  

It therefore should be clear that no vote processed through Cuban, Venezuelan or Chinese-connected balloting systems should be used for US elections.  

No US election official can be sure vote-counting from such equipment is accurate. And any regime that tried to manipulate American elections should pay.