Waller on OANN calls for US to extract ‘reparations’ from Chinese ruling class

“A national security strategist is calling for ‘reparations’ from China over the communist regime’s role during the ongoing outbreak,” One America News reported, introducing an interview with J Michael Waller, the Center’s Senior Analyst for Strategy.

Chinese gangster-state is to blame

“We’re all taking a look at China,” said interviewer Jack Posobiec. “How is it that the makeup of the current Chinese regime, the CCP, has led us to this situation?”

The Chinese regime is a “gangster state” made up of “clans from different regions and different interest groups as part of the Communist Party apparatus,” Waller said. “Those different interest groups that are competing among themselves, sometimes in a very deadly game, for control of China and then China’s interests which happen to be taking us over.”

“What are some steps that the US government,” Posobiec asked, “can take to really answer what’s happened here?”

“First thing is that we have to get reparations from the Chinese government. This is what happens when any hostile power unleashes damage against everyone else,” Waller said. “There has to be reparations for it.”

China won’t pay voluntarily: But the rest of the world can default

“The Chinese Communist Party is not going to pay those reparations,” Waller continued. “So we have to take them.”

“This would mean, for example, the United States government defaults on its debt to China. There’s no way the Chinese government can collect that. That’s over a trillion dollars,” Waller said.

“If we were to do that, and coordinate with it all the other countries in the world that owe debts to China, we would collapse the apparatus, we would get the Communist Party factions and different interest groups fighting amongst one another, Game of Thrones style,” said Waller. “Pretty nasty.”

Waller first made the proposal in 2018 for poor countries to default on China’s “debt trap” loans as a way to break up the regime’s imperialist Belt and Road initiative. His early pandemic reparations-by-default plan for the United States was published April 9 as a Center for Security Policy Decision Brief.

US should confiscate Communist Party-owned properties in America & sell the assets

“The president should use his emergency powers to confiscate Chinese Communist Party- owned businesses and properties in the United States,” Waller said. “Like Smithfield [Foods], for example, the huge meat company. That’s a Chinese Communist Party-controlled company. And they control our meat supply to a large extent in the United States. They shut down a couple of factories already. They cut us off from our own food.

“We should take industries like that, auction them off to American citizens, and return the money to the American taxpayers.”