Inaugural PASS:PORT series concludes with capstone session

(Institute of World Politics news release) On Sunday, June 2, the Professional Advancement for Security Strategists: Program on Reducing Threats (PASS:PORT) celebrated the completion of its inaugural year.

Through the course of the May 31 to June 2 weekend, participants prepared and presented their capstone project. The project was the culmination of the nine-month series of evening seminars and weekend workshops.

PASS:PORT 2012-2013 addressed a range of national security issues including cyber warfare, intelligence and counterintelligence, and challenges from China and Russia. PASS:PORT examined these issues through the perspectives of psychological strategy, threat doctrine, and strategic communication. At the end of the capstone experience, PASS:PORT Faculty Director, Dr. J. Michael Waller, along with other PASS:PORT faculty members, recognized thirty-one national security professionals for their completion of the program.

The PASS:PORT program will be continuing for a second year starting in October. Hosted by The Institute of World Politics, PASS:PORT is an opportunity for US national security professionals to improve and develop their strategic thinking. The program analyzes competing approaches to identifying and understanding known, emerging, and unanticipated national security threats. It focuses on the wide range of strategic instruments available to combat the threats facing the United States.