Dr Waller teaches introductory and advanced seminars and courses in public diplomacy, propaganda and counterpropaganda, information operations and information warfare, political organization, political warfare, psychological operations/MISO, and psychological strategy.

Under an endowment from the Walter and Leonore Annenberg Foundation, Dr Waller designed and directed the only graduate-level program in the United States on public diplomacy and political warfare.

His courses, taught at the Institute of World Politics, were:

  • Foreign Propaganda, Perceptions and Policy.
  • History of Political Warfare.
  • Public Diplomacy and Political Warfare.
  • Information Operations and Information Warfare.


He is no longer teaching these courses at present, but is adapting from them for teaching at another academic institution.

Military training

As an instructor for a Naval Postgraduate School leader development program and independently for Army units and joint commands, Dr Waller has taught more than 3,500 officers and senior NCOs at military schools and facilities across the United States and worldwide. His seminars include:

  • Introduction to information operations and information warfare.
  • Introduction to PSYOP and Military Information Support Operations.
  • Propaganda and counterpropaganda.
  • History of American political warfare.
  • Divisive operations.
  • Understanding subversion.