Center to chronicle Chinese Communist propaganda about coronavirus

J Michael Waller / Center for Security Policy / March 19, 2020 –

All official Chinese government information about the coronavirus is created, vetted, and coordinated through a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) entity called the Central Propaganda Department.  The department is a rigid, top-down bureaucracy that issues and enforces the official party line.

The Center will feature a running chronology of the CCP propaganda line about the virus. It will be a work-in-progress for the duration of the crisis. The purpose is to chronicle how the CCP has covered up and lied about the virus, allowing it to spread around the world; and how the CCP blamed the United States and other countries for the pandemic while portraying China as the victim and CCP General Secretary Xi Jinping as the hero.

From that, we can get a better idea of who in the United States is spreading the Communist Chinese propaganda line.

To build his own cult of personality, Xi Jinping tightened centralization of propaganda when he became leader-for-life in 2018. Under Xi’s new rules issued by the CCP Central Committee in March, 2018, the Central Propaganda Department would be in charge of “propagating the party’s theories, directions, principles and policies” and “telling good China stories.”

We will reveal our ongoing reverse chronology shortly.