Strategic Influence: Public diplomacy, counterpropaganda & political warfare

Strategic Influence is the work of 13 scholars and practitioners in the fields of public diplomacy, counterpropaganda and political warfare. The book surveys the subjects from the American Revolution, through the Cold War, to present-day wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We strove to make the book the best single volume on the subject. It’s a combination of scholarly, personal narratives and the policy essays from some of the best minds in the business – some recognizable, some emerging. Here’s the table of contents:

  • The American Way of Propaganda: Lessons from the Founding Fathers. J. Michael Waller;
  • What ‘Strategic’ Public Diplomacy Is. Carnes Lord, Naval War College;
  • Public Diplomacy and Soft Power. Carnes Lord;
  • Cultural Diplomacy, Political Influence and Integrated Strategy. John Lenczowski;
  • Mediators of the Message: The Role of Religion and Civil Society in Public Diplomacy. Jennifer Marshall, Heritage Foundation;
  • Conducting a War of Ideas with Public Diplomacy. Robert Reilly, former director, Voice of America;
  • Counterpropaganda: We Can’t Win Without It. Herbert Romerstein, former director, Office to Counter Soviet Active Measures, U.S. Information Agency;
  • Recovering the Lost Art of Counterpropaganda. Andrew Garfield, Glevum Associates;
  • The Interagency Active Measures Working Group: Successful Template for Strategic Influence. Herbert Romerstein;
  • Political Warfare: Means for Achieving Political Ends. Angelo Codevilla, Boston University;
  • Political War vs Political Terror: Case Study of an American Success Story. John J. Tierney;
  • The Importance of Words. J. Michael Waller;
  • Hearts and Minds Online: Internetting the Messages in the Infosphere. Hampton Stephens, World Politics Review;
  • Toward a Theory of Low-Intensity Propaganda. Stephen C. Baker;
  • Red-Teaming Strategic Communications and Political Warfare. David Spencer, National Defense University;
  • A Comprehensive Approach to Information Operations. Andrew Garfield;
  • Synchronizing Rhetoric, Policy and Action. Juliana Geran Pilon;
  • An Immediate-Term Wartime Message Strategy. J. Michael Waller;
  • Getting Serious About Strategic Influence. J. Michael Waller.

Strategic Influence was published in a limited run by the Institute of World Politics Press and reissued in 2010 by Crossbow Press.

The book is available – as a paperback and as an e-book – by clicking here.