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Tracking how those who said ‘Wuhan Virus’ now call it racist to say ‘Wuhan Virus’

J Michael Waller / Center for Security Policy / March 21, 2020 – Tracking Western news reporting and Chinese Communist Party propaganda about the COVID-19 pandemic, we find an evolution of the use of “China” and “Wuhan” to define the deadly virus. Chinese official publications and statements, under heavy party censorship, regularly affixed Wuhan to

On CNN discussing US counter-ISIS propaganda

Ashleigh Banfield of CNN invited Dr Waller to appear on her show to discuss a segment on US propaganda efforts against the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists. The US State Department seems very proud of its “Just Say No”-style videos designed to persuade prospective ISIS recruits from joining the cause. [September 5, 2014] Ashleigh seemed very skeptical –