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Palestinian billionaire Issam Hourani sues Dr Waller in London over murder allegations

Palestinian billionaire Issam Hourani is drawing attention to allegations about his purported role in the “torture and violent death” of a young Russian woman involved with his late business partner.

“A transatlantic court battle between four US residents and a controversial Middle Eastern businessman involving the alleged torture, imprisonment and violent death of a young news presenter more than a decade ago is set to play out in a London courtroom,” HeatStreet reports.

Hourani has filed a $500 million lawsuit against Dr J Michael Waller and four others relating to a campaign to seek justice for the death of Anastasiya Novikova at a Hourani family property in Beirut, and the mysterious disposal of her body in Kazakhstan.

“Allegations over the journalist’s bloody death and its supposed link to the notorious former senior officer of Kazakh secret police, Rakhat Aliyev . . . and his brother-in-law, the Lebanese-born businessman Issam Hourani, are set out in highly charged legal documents filed at London’s High Court,” according to HeatStreet.

Hourani is related to the Mahmoud Abbas family of the PLO in Lebanon, and was brother-in-law of Aliyev, the former #2 of Kazakhstan’s dreaded KNB secret police, formerly known as the Kazakhstan SSR KGB.

See the full story here.

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